Visit a Beautiful 23 Year Forest Garden

Happen Films
Friday, 25th November 2016

Visit a thriving, abundant and very beauitful forest garden planted by Robert and Robyn Guyto 23 years ago near the small town of Riverton at the bottom of New Zealand's South Island. The two-acre property has been transformed from a neglected piece of land full of abandoned vehicles into a thriving ecosystem where insects, birds and humans coexist harmoniously.

See how the layers of the forest garden are created from native trees, top fruit, soft fruit, medicinal and culinary herbs and vines. The Guyote are using edible vines like kiwi and grape to 'bind' the native upper canopy together. An interesting idea.


They have also cleared the creek, a rubbish dump since Victorian times. It now flows feely and is a breeding habitat for fish.

This is an incredibly inspiring film, proving that we can grow at least 70% of our diet in a forest garden whilst happily co-existing with wild nature. It's the way to go!

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