Simple Offgrid Hand Washing Solution Can Save Lives
Wednesday, 19th February 2014

The tippy tap is a low cost, low tech, low water, hands-free device to promote hand washing with soap. Wild campers and festival goers will appreciate this simple design consisting of a ocuple of sticks, an empty container, rope, gravel, a nail and a soap to introduce more hygiene into our lives.

For many people in the world, however, this DIY tecnology could be a life-saver. Diahorrea and respiratory infections kill over 3.5 million children under the age of five every year. Hand washing with soap is the most effective and an inexpensive way to prevent these deaths and can save the lives of 1.2 million of those children.

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Filmed and directed by Andrew Hinton at Pilgrim Films

Music by Jamie Perera

Produced by Sowmya Somnath and Jared Buono

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