Roundwood Timber Framing with Ben Law

Monday, 21st June 2010

Roundwood Timber Framing - a clip from Ben Law's film which details how to build natural buildings from local materials 

Martin Holme |
Sun, 19/06/2011 - 12:04

I wanted to say how inspiring Ben's DVD is.
Although in some ways it leaves you a bit bewildered on the simple level: how do I get from here to there? on another level it is deeply inspiring not just to see what Ben and his team are doing but also to see and learn some of the techniques behind roundwood timber buildings.
In many ways what Ben has achieved since his appearance on Grand Designs has been to propel sustainable building onto a higher level of public consciousness.

I have been fortunate enough to take some people to Ben's from 'mainstream' business to be in a sustainable 'energy field' for a few hours and to ask the question:how can the spirit of sustainability enter into the heart of business (if it can?)

This is a terrific DVD on many levels.


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