Permaculture: can it reverse climate chaos?

Permaculture Magazine
Friday, 10th July 2020

Maddy Harland gives a picture of how climate chaos is already affecting us all.

She explores why permaculture can help us understand how systems work and why their emergent properties can create evolutionary behaviours that could change our culture from one of destruction to regeneration.

Maddy then explains why permaculture is an effective way of building biodiversity, producing resilient crops and reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by locking large amounts of carbon into the soil and plants. She describes two examples, her forest garden and a small permaculture farm.

She describes how Brain von Herzen's Marine Permaculture Arrays can restore ocean ecologies, grow kelp as a multi-yielding crop and sequester carbon deep on the sea bed.

Climate news is unbelievably gloomy but we mustn't forget that we also have solutions. Let's hope that the world is able to implement them in time.

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