People & Projects for the Great Transition Episode 1
Sunday, 9th September 2012

Take a tour of some of some of the most inspiring projects in Britain that prove that we have coherent, workable solutions to our ecological and economic crises and see gardens, farms, communities, even a zero carbon waste treatment system, and social enterprises that demosntrate best practice.

Incredible Edible Todmoren – growing food for everyone in public places – with Estelle Brown

The ancient art of storytelling with Eric Maddern

Lammas Ecovillage Project with Paul and Poppi Wimbush and Simon Dale

Forest gardening at The Agroforestry Research Trust  with Martin Crawford

Producing oyster mushrooms commercially from coffee wastes - Adam Sayner from Fungi Futures

Affordable attractive housing at the Yard, Bristol with Steffie Broer from Bright Green Futures

Waste Ecological Treatment (WET) System at the Sustainability Centre, Hampshire, home of Permaculture magazine, with Maddy Harland

Alleycropping and Agroforestry with Professor Martin Wolfe.

Filmd by  (IM)PERMANENCE, a co- created film project realising open source learning resources for the world – from the people to the people!

"Our family is on an epic adventure travelling 40 000 miles overland through 40 countries, creating a free online documentary series about all aspects of truly abundant, healthy, beneficial and integrative ways of living, farming and meeting our needs locally to share with you and the world in this time of great transition!"

To read a detailed account of WET Systems and the installation at The Sustainability Centre by Maddy Harland see Permaculture issue 73 in print or the digital edition.

You can also download a FREE sample of copy Permaculture magazine.