The One Acre Permaculture Farm
Wednesday, 30th September 2015

Visit Limestone Permaculture Farm in New South Wales, Australia and learn how this one acre property has been developed into a productive permaculture farm that is currently feeding around 50 families.

The tour includes a look at the orchard, caravan farm gate, chicken and duck areas, and the 'hybrid' shade house - a clever design that creates a microclimate to protect the crop. Learn also about building soil, animal rotation and management, succession, chop and drop, swales, and how Limestone Permaculture Farm sells direct to the public. Inspirational!

"Permaculture is not just gardening, organics or passive living, it is the whole package. There is a better way to live. It is about trying to be sustainable on all the little components you possibly can. The sheer fact that you are trying to reduce your footprint on this planet will make a difference."

Learn how this productive small farm was set up and is managed. We highly recommend this is a short film.

Limestone Permaculture Farm:

Film by

Music by Craig Kemp

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