Nature's Energy Drink: how to tap a tree for birch sap & Ben's Law's recipe for birch sap wine

Ben Law & Undercurrents
Saturday, 21st January 2012

First we show an Undercurrents bushcraft video about how to take the tasty sap from the birch tree skillfully. The A to Z of Bushcraft team cover how to drill and then leave the tree in good repair.

Then we share Ben Law's birch sap wine recipe that he makes every year – as delicious as a good Sauvingon Blanc. This recipe is taken from his book The Woodland Year.

Ben Law's Birch Sap Wine


1 gallon of birch sap

2 lemons

1/2 lb (225g) raisins

2 lbs sugar or 2 pints of honey



Squeeze lemons. Add a little grated zest to the birch sap and boil for 20 minutes. Pour sap on to sugar or honey and raisins. Stir until the sugar or honey is dissolved. When lukewarm add yeast, cover with a cloth and leave in the fermenting bin until fermentation has slowed down. Then strain into a demijohn. Top up with water as necessary and fit an air lock. Should be ready to drink by late summer.

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