Living the Dream – a new ecovillage film by Undercurrents

Helen Iles, Undercurrents
Thursday, 23rd August 2012

What’s your dream? An island in the Caribbean? A yacht in the Mediterranean?

Or is it a beautiful, green piece of land in Wales on which you can self-build a low impact natural home and grow delicious organic veggies? 

Three years ago, nine families came to West Wales to do exactly that. They came as Lammas, the UK’s first planned ecovillage.

In December 2012, Undercurrents released a 50 minute documentary as the residents tell the story of their inspiring, ground-breaking journey in their own words.

We call it 'Living in the Future'.

You can order a DVD of the film here. Make it the first step towards your dream...

PLUS you can view all 44 episodes of Living The Future series 1 - full of practical examples of low impact living HERE.