How We Can Make a Difference: EcoFashion Activism

Permaculture Magazine
Friday, 25th September 2020

640,000 tonnes of ghost gear is dumped in the oceans every year trapping marine creatures and ending up in their digestive systems often killing them.

Linda Thomas is an ecofashion designer and activist. She takes materials from the beach and the waste stream and turns them into beautiful clothes.

Learn the story of the Ghostnet Dress, both art and couture, a stunning example of upcycled 'ghost gear'. It is on display at M Shed at Bristol until May 2020.

Linda also shares her top tips for thrifty buys so you too can purchase luxurious materials and turn them into beautiful clothes yourself. She also encourages that we all do a 2-minute beach clean every time we visit the beach. For more on Linda's eco clothing visit: