How To Start Scything

Huw's Nursery
Monday, 25th July 2016

Huw explains the very best way to start scything, a fantastic alternative to a nasty, noisy strimmer!

He describes how he was taught to size a scythe properly, how to sharpen it and last but not least, how to use an Austrain scythe in the correct way.

Huw learnt from

(They feature in the new issue, coming out this week, explaining how to peen a scythe - don't miss it.)

There are lots of scything courses around the UK and further afield!

If you want to buy a quality Austrain scythe please visit our Green Shopping site. We highly recommend them and use one to manage our wildflower meadow. It is a great work out as well as an effective way to cut a meadow and retain long stalks to use as mulch on trees and bushes in the forest garden.

Check out Huw's YouTube channel here! It is all about how this young guy grows organic food on his family's smallholding and is discovering the wonderful world of permaculture. Inspiring!