How Finland Transformed their Educational System

Hannelore Nobel
Wednesday, 31st May 2017

Finland, with the United States of America, were bottom of the global education ratings for poor results. Then they totally transformed their educational system and soared to the top of the charts. How did they do it?!

First of all, they banned hours of homework. They asked their children to spend more time playing and then tell their teachers about it.

Then they decided that 20 hours of school was quite enough for children. Even more time for play!

After that, they got rid of all the useless tests that seem to preoccupy formal education. They stopped labelling children on a scale of cleverness they invented.

Education has long been a preparation for society but what kind of society are we preparing for in a post-industrial world? Just as our economic system needs revision and our relationship with the natural world needs reframing, our educational system needs a paradigm shift. The Finnish are one nation who are leading the way.

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