How Earth Protectors can stop Ecocide

Permaculture Magazine
Tuesday, 8th October 2019

Jojo Mehta, from the Stop Ecocide campaign shares the future of the movement since losing founder Polly Higgins, and how the upsurge in Earth Protectors has led to an accelerated campaign to make Ecocide the fifth crime in International criminal law.

By becoming an official Earth Protector, activists have primary proof in court that they are acting as a conscientious protector and not as a criminal. For more information on Stop Ecocide and to become an Earth Protector visit:

Filmed at Hawkwood’s Seed Festival in Stroud, which celebrates courageous climate leadership, creative expression and innovation in partnership with our natural world. Speakers, music, workshops, talks and more.

For info on permaculture, and how it can help you live a natural, ethical and earth-friendly lifestyle, visit:

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