How Beavers Reduce Flooding, Create Fertility & Boost Wildlife

Permaculture Magazine
Friday, 11th December 2020

Christopher Jones, from Woodland Valley Farm, reveals the multiple benefits of having beavers on his land.

In 5 acres (2.2 ha) of fenced in stream and woodland, Christopher has reintroduced beavers with incredible results. Pioneer species like the beaver, must be reintroduced sensitively and in controlled areas, so Christopher's beavers are fenced from the rest of the land.

In just a few months, the beavers created several dams. These helped store water on the land, preventing flooding, and also providing irrigation in droughts. Water quality has increased due to the slow release of water.

A diversity of wildlife has returned, including insects, birds, fish and mammals, boosting the food chain.

Christopher shares his love of this beautiful animal who has a rightful place in our ecosystem.

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