Heat Your Water Without Electricity

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Monday, 6th January 2014

How to make hot water using a thermosiphoning process.

A great back up solution for when the mains electricity is down.

Power outages are becoming more common. This Christmas, thousands in the UK where left for days without power, which meant many had no hot water. 

This great little stove, which can be built mainly from thrown away materials, can provide hot water on demand, so in a powercut, this would be very useful.

With just a small fire, a handmade-coil and a recovered water heater, this little stove can get up to 180ºF. 

In this video, we are shown how by placing a coil in the stove pipe, water can be channelled through the pipe, heating it up through the process of 'thermosiphoning'.

The end result is above boiling hot water, which can be mixed with cold water for a more suitable temperature to cook and wash with.


The water, stove and pipe get VERY VERY HOT! As seen in the video, use oven gloves at all times and never leave unattended. Please also be careful as hot water and steam can also be very dangerous. Do not create this system without it being vented. A closed tank heated in this way will explode. The overflow needs to go somewhere safe that won't accidentally spray anyone with boiling water.

More ideas to help you through powercuts

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Check out our outdoor cooking products, ranging from lanterns to cooking sets, all very useful during powercuts: www.green-shopping.co.uk/outdoor-living/outdoor-cooking.html


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