Experimenting with Dig and No-Dig Beds

Charles Dowding
Thursday, 24th April 2014

Charles Dowding shares his experiments with no-dig vegetable beds and sowing plants in relation to the moon phases.

In one area of his market garden Charles is experimenting with three different beds - dig with no compost, no-dig with no compost and no-dig with compost. He's even added rock dust to a strip in each bed as an extra experiment.

In his raised beds, Charles explains how the no-dig bed is more efficient than the dig bed, taking a lot less energy and time to create a similar amount of food.

For more information on Charles Dowding, visit www.charlesdowding.co.uk

Charles Dowding has written a number of informative books, including Organic Gardening, The Natural No-Dig Way and How to Grow Winter Vegetables. Find his books on our Green Shopping website HERE.

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