Debt-Free Permaculture Farming with Joel Salatin

Monday, 17th December 2012

In this video, Joel Salatin gives tips to new farmers undertaking farming projects. He explains why debt must be avoided and how to begin raising a small income to provide a self sufficient cash flow.

His permaculture approach is clear as he recommends slow observation, creating (social) benficial relationships with the community, all the while creating permanent, productive systems of agriculture.

Whilst planning is essential, Joel mentions that it is important not to plan too far ahead as it might overrun the learning curve that will come from a modest, initial approach to farming. Essentially, there is no harm in dreaming big but it is important to start slow...

For more comprehensive information on permaculture approaches to farming, please take a look at Patrick Whitefield's Earth Care Manual (e-book edition also available), which is the most comprehensive on the subject in relation to temperate climates.

Stop Press: Joel Salatin is giving a weekend workshop at Cowdray Hall, Midhurst, West Sussex, UK on 29th/30th April. See 

Sepp Holzer's Desert or Paradise (e-book edition also available) also proves an essential guide in restoring unproductive land into economically and biologically productive systems.

Permaculture Magazine issue 69 (Digial PDF version) contains an inspiring article by RegenAg's Darren J. Doherty, describing a farm-scale permaculture design that has blossomed into a wildlife reserve as well as an economically viable business.

Aranya |
Wed, 19/12/2012 - 09:02

Looks like we're about to confirm a two day workshop with Joel Salatin in Sussex at the end of April, See for more details and sign up to the mailing list if you want to be kept in the loop.

Maddy Harland |
Wed, 19/12/2012 - 16:00

Thanks for letting us know, Aranya.