David Holmgren & Retrofitting Suburbia

Permaculture Principles
Wednesday, 8th June 2016

David Holmgren explores the need for retrofitting our suburbs.

Most people do not have the ability to move to the countryside and become self-sufficient in preparation for the energy crash. Cities, towns and villages are where the vast of majority of people live, and it is these areas that need to be re-designed in preparation.

David explores how our current lifestyles create social dead zones - our homes are empty all day while we're at work, the offices are empty all night while we're at home. We use commuting to an office as a way to socialise with others, and yet, if we worked from home, our communities would be thriving. With an increase of people, crime would be reduced, realtionships would flourish and an increase in a sense of community would create local projects.

A suburban environment is ideal for resilience. The buildings create microclimates which means warmer temperatures for growing and reduced heating costs, many houses have good sized gardens for growing, and rainwater and greywater can be harvested.

David's new book, RetroSuburbia is out at the end of 2016. To find out more & get access to a FREE eBook of A History from the Future, click HERE

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