Cultivating Responses to Climate Change

Climate Psychology Alliance
Friday, 2nd October 2015

Chris Johnstone, author of Active Hope & Find Your Power discusses the importance of a collective response to climate change.

Looking at examples of people with addictions, Chris asks how do we switch on the desire to really want change for our society and the planet.

We need to cultivate and nourish ourselves to find this state of connectedness to our world.

Further information

Want to learn more? On Saturday 21st November 2015, Chris Johnstone, along with Jo Hamilton, Emily Hinshelwood, Paul Hoggett & many others will be holiding a conference on the Psychology of Inspired Collective Climate Change Action (and what gets in its way).

While climate change anxiety and denial is becoming more widely recognized as a psychological problem, less attention has been given to the psychology of a positive “Yes we can” response to tackling this daunting global challenge. This psychology conference seeks to understand the way negative and hopeless feelings towards climate change actually paralyze people’s ability to engage proactively on this front. Our speakers will be asking:

• What psychological factors inspire or inhibit effective action on climate change?
• What do we know about the psychology of coordinated, collective action and cooperation?

We start from a position that the analysis of climate change anxiety and denial offers us important insights. We want to build on this to create a discussion that considers the importance of such emotional and cognitive processes as hope and collaboration to collective climate action. This conference will examine the psychology of moving from short-term self-interest to long term sustainability; from mind-sets that block action to those that facilitate widespread participation in effective solutions. 

Using a TED style format of brief presentations, the event will bring together an interdisciplinary panel of speakers who will suggest that the key element of any solution to climate changes lies in how we think and feel together, what we can do and where hope lies.

For more information on the conference visit

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