Biofertilisers, Re-mineralisation & Organic Growing

Ragmans Farm
Tuesday, 16th May 2017

Jairo Restrepo is a leading teacher and practitioner in the application of technologies such as bokashi, biofertilser, native microbe ferments and the use of trace elements for soil bioremediation. These enable farmers at any scale to produce the fertility they need within their own farms and gardens. He teaches at Ragmans once a year in the summer, leading students through the science of his techniques, and also making about 15 different preparations.

This video has been made because most of Jairo's teachings are in Spanish. Ragmans Farm feel Jairo's teachings should be heard in the UK too. Ragmans Farm believe that mineral and biological ferments could have a enormous impact in revitalising our soils and consequently our health.

His book The ABC of Organic Agriculture is a classic and has recently been translated into English, and is available through the Ragmans Farm website.

Matt Dunwell, featured in the video, has recently written an article about biofertilisers for Permaculture magazine issue 92. You can buy the issue here:

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