The Art of Healing the Earth

Maddy Harland
Friday, 6th November 2015

For over 20 years film maker John D Liu, has been travelling the world and documenting how to restore broken ecosystems, fix the hydrological cycle, alleviate poverty and disease and create astonishing levels of biodiversity in a short period of time. His passion has been to collect these stories, the information to share with others how this can be done so that we humans can begin to repair the terrible damage we have done to the Earth, lock up carbon and stabilise the global climate.

If we don't act soon it will be too late.

What we need to understand as a species is HOW we can heal the Earth and not with billion dollar projects but by co-operating, restoring whole landscapes and watersheds and also creating abundant agrocultures that can be sustained. What we need as a species is greater knowledge, what John calls a transformation in consciousness.

John, with a group of volunteers wants us to help him make effective television programs that can be screened all over the world for FREE.
He says, "We work for you and people all over the world because we believe that everyone needs and deserves access to the same information on the environment and ecology. We don't believe that knowledge is a commodity we believe it is a right. Because we make our programs available to educators, students and the public all over the world without charge, we need your help.
"With your support we can bear the financial costs for the necessary technical equipment, logistical planing and for contracting the most talented artists to help us in this endeavor. We are making an amazing, life-changing series of films on how to create jobs, support families and communities by restoring natural ecological function. You can help us make those films, translate them into many languages and allow them to be seen around the world.

We have built a precious library.
"With your help we will also be able to create a sophisticated platform to share our extensive library. In 20 years we have built an enormous archive of images from all continents to help educators, students and the general public to better understand what we are collectively facing at this time and what each individual and all of us together can do: be the change we want to see in the world."
Permaculture magazine fully support this project and we are asking you to support it too. For more information, to volunteer and to donate please see The Art of Healing the Earth crowdfunder.