Another World is Possible with Permaculture - Maddy Harland Talks at Sunrise Festival (short clip)

Permaculture Magazine
Tuesday, 11th September 2012

Permaculture Magazine now reaches over a million people a year and has the capacity to inform many more.

Here, Maddy Harland shares how Permaculture Magazine is finding new ways of communicating its message to a wider audience, including the use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, as well as meeting people first hand at a variety of festivals, conferences and events.

She believes that "fundementally most human beings have good will. Most are seeking something more than this cramped and difficult life that our culture offers us at the moment. [Therefore] we need to communicate with each other and other people, that another world is possible."

Maddy will also be speaking at the Transformational Media Summit on 28th September, with a focus on expressing why it is important to discriminate the media we consume and how it can succesfully increase our capacity to enjoy life and positively change the way we interact with our fellow human beings - take a look at our calendar page for more information.

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