11 DIY Projects to Upcycle IBC Tanks and their Metal Cages

Permaculture Magazine
Thursday, 25th February 2021

A wide range of DIY projects can use IBC tanks and their metal cages, from a hot tub and outdoor shower, to biodigester and firewood storage.

Matthew and Charis Watkinson from Beeview Farm (featured on Channel 5's 'Into the Wild' with Ben Fogle) take us around their One Planet Development plot in West Wales.

Take a look at the multiple uses they've found for IBC tanks. Matthew shows us the reed bed system for cleaning greywater and the log storage unit under the log burner.

Charis introduces the 'owl tower' and the storage unit for chicken bedding. Inspiring ideas for upcycling!

You can learn more about Beeview Farm's IBC tank projects in PM107: www.permaculture.co.uk/issue/spring-2021

Learn more about Beeview Farm at: www.beeview.farm