The Crossing: One Family's Fight for the Right to Health and Happiness

The Crossing
Friday, 24th February 2017

Take a look at The Crossing. It is a Community Supported Agriculture scheme and smallholding, working with closed-loop energy systems, providing affordable local food, free from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides for the people of Forest Row. Run by a young family, it is a beauitful example of how to permaculture a few acres of uninproved pasture sympathetically and make it into a biodiverse, multi-yielding and beautiful space where the local community can come and learn how to grow food.

The family, like so many other people, were experiencing health problems, so they researched many different subjects and decided to devote their lives to growing the healthiest food possible on the land and living a low impact, gentle lifestyle.

"It is our mission to use Agro-ecology to maximise food production whilst re-engaging local people into agriculture and letting all life thrive (even slugs have a purpose!). We are creating a resilient landscape, both drought tolerant and flood resistant, in our no-dig garden we grow vegetables in a polyculture where mutually beneficial relationships between plant species are enabled. Our soil is teeming with life, and so are our vegetables."

The Crossing treats its own waste in a Waste Ecological Treatment System (WETsystem) that cleans the water with willow and marginal plants, makes their own biochar to build soil, composts all organic waste, grows food organically and has formed strong links with the local community. Their project is a wonderul example of harmonious ecological and social design.

Sadly, all has not been easy for the family. The local council, despite acknowledging the need for low impact, local food growing systems, want to remove all the supporting infrstaructure on the site which would effectively close down the project. The family are appealing once again for the right to live on their land where they are growing real, clean food for their community.

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