The Sustainability Generation

Rozie Apps
Monday, 1st April 2013

A compelling story inspiring each one of us to be a part of the 'Sustainability Generation' and make a difference.

"Life on Earth is increasingly at risk. Rescuing our planet and ourselves is a growing concern for people of all ages and walks of life."

We are all aware that our existence on this planet is increasingly fragile, that action needs to be taken to help us understand climate change, prevent food resources drying up and stop poverty. Sadly, many people believe these actions must come from governments, activists or businesses. That it is their responsibility to create policies to save our world.

This book reveals that we all should and can be a part of that change. Each individual can make decisions and actions everyday that can have power and impact.

Mark Coleman shows that it is all of our responsibilty to create the sustainable future.

This book is refreshing and awakening. It reveals the bigger picture, how our lives are intertwined with the Earth and how important our actions are.

Mark takes us on a journey, explaining how society's shift in behaviour has caused such global damage, to the need for change and what this change could be.

He begins with society's behaviour of entitlement and indulgence, how the world has fallen into consumerism with everybody wanting rather than needing. We are shown how this consumer society has damaged our earth and lives, creating a monster. This is followed with the loss of accountability. Mark expresses the importance of 'personal accountability' and how if everyone took this on, individuals and whole generations could transform the world right now.

As Mark writes: "To be accountable as a member of society means to be present, engaged and aware. Accountable members of society do not accept the status quo as a general rule or social norm. Rather, they have the awareness to see when change is necessary and the critical thinking and capacity to take action to enable positive change," (p87).

This book inspires us to act now and help change the habits of several generations. To stand up for what we believe in and be heard. To positively change the future and create a better world for those that follow us.

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