Reviewing Frontier Stove Accessories

John Adams
Thursday, 22nd November 2012

Here, John Adams reviews a host of accessories for the popular Frontier Stove.

When I reviewed the Frontier Stove in PM72 I showed a picture of it with a then prototype stainless steel water heater attached to the chimney. This and a range of other accessories are now available and make this great little camping stove/cooker even better.


The Frontier Water Heater 

 The Frontier Water Heater holds 3 litres (5.3 pints) of water and is heated largely by waste heat from the chimney which it wraps around. It took about 30 minutes to come to the boil to make tea. Once hot it can be swung away to hang behind the stove ready to provide hot water on tap.



Spark Arrestor, Heat Proof Mat and Carrier Bag

The spark arrestor at work

Other accessories have been added to the original line up of extra flue sections and flashing kits for tents and sheds. These are a Spark Arrestor with guy line attachment points, a Heat Proof Mat to protect your tent floor and Carrier Bags for both the stove and water heater. 

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cookset

Cooking setI also used a 31 piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Cookset for five which proved to be an excellent addition.

As I've said before, the Frontier is a great camping stove, but with these accessories, this really is the complete package.



All of these items are available from Green Shopping. The Spark Arrestor, Heat Proof Mat and Carrier Bag are all available as optional extras when you choose to buy the Frontier Stove. If you already have the stove and would like to buy any of the accessories mentioned, please call us on 01730 823311