Razor Edge Spoon Carving Set

John Adams
Friday, 1st February 2013

Shaping a wooden spoon from a Sycamore log using a hand axe and a Razor Edge basic spoon and bowl carving kit.

I used to do a lot of exhibition work and my favourite tool for trimming photographs and cutting out in general was a Letraset scalpel which had inter-changeable blades held in a screw chuck. So I was intrigued to find the Razor Edge Spoon Carving Set which works on the same principle. In this kit you get a walnut handle with a brass 'Lock Jaw' mechanism which can hold both large and small tools: six high carbon small detail blades in different profiles and two sizes of larger hooked bowl carving blades.

The last spoon I made was a tiny one carved with a sheath knife, so to keep doing things the hard way I decided to try and carve a quite sizable, deep spoon using the Razor Edge Spoon Carving Set. I started with a 65mm (2.5in) diameter piece of Sycamore (main picture), from which I roughed out the spoon using my Hultafors Classic Mini Hatchet



The carving, still ongoing, is progressing well. The small blades make up for in sharpness anything they lack in size, and the profiles really help with the shaping (above). The larger hooked blades are a joy to use, cutting cleanly with and across the grain, which makes the deep hollowing I require really easy to achieve (right).



It is a great bit of kit which should be part of any woodcarver's armoury. 

The Hultafors Classic Mini Hatchet is reviewed here. 


The Razor Edge Spoon Carving Set and Hultafors Classic Mini Hatchet are both available from Green Shopping.