Mr D’s Twin Pot Thermal Cook Traveller

John Adams
Thursday, 18th April 2013

A highly efficient energy saving cooking device which is ideal for preparing meals whilst camping; whether under canvas, in a caravan, motorhome, sailing or motor boat and for that matter for use in the kitchen at home.

Mr D's Thermal Cooker is no stranger to these pages having now appeared more times than any other product. I make no apology for this as it is such a good bit of energy saving kit, and I feel almost obliged to report on any updates to the product range. 

In the past I have used the thermal cooker on its own to make delicious stews and casseroles for up to eight people, made bread in the accessory bread tin and used the cake tin accessory to make sensationally good fruit cakes – with only hot water as a heat source.

Now there are two more accessories available: the Top Pot and a Carry Bag. These are available separately if you already have a thermal cooker, or as part of Mr D's Twin Pot Thermal Cook Traveller which includes them along with a cookbook. Both are really useful, particularly the top pot, which allows you to either cook two things at once, such as curry and rice (above), a main and desert or most usefully if you have both vegetarians and meat eaters to feed, two separate meals.

The other benefit is that it allows you to cook for smaller numbers than is practical with the 4.5 litre inner pot of the thermal cooker. The thermal cooking part of the process relies on the hot mass of the contents. So cooking for four to eight is fine but if you only want to cook for two you need more hot mass. This can be achieved by adding the top pot filled with boiling water.

Which brings us on to the carry bag. This is a smart padded wrap with straps and a comfy carry handle. If you intend to use your thermal cooker away from home, being able to carry it in one hand is most helpful and the padding protects it from accidental knocks. It can also be used to 'gimbal' it if you are going sailing, allowing your dinner to cook while underway.

Saves up to 80% on fuel and makes wonderful food – a favourite product. 

The Thermal Cook Traveller is available from  

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