Klean Kanteen Reflect & Insulated

John Adams
Friday, 22nd August 2014

High-quality sustainable water containers, that are easy to transport, keeping water cool and fresh!

There are many reasons for wishing for a high quality stainless steel water container, from helping to save the planet from being covered by discarded single use plastic water bottles, which now litter nearly every street, beach and beauty spot on the planet, to the health issues related to plastics and aluminium. It was with these concerns in mind that the Klean Kanteen range was conceived some 10 years ago.

Klean Kanteens are made from high quality 18/8 food-grade stainless steel with soft curved edges to make them nice to drink from and easy to keep clean. The stoppers are particularly cleverly designed so even where plastics are used, nothing but food-grade stainless steel or silicon ever comes in contact with the contents.

I and most of my family have been using some of these products for the last couple of months. We took a range of them on a trip (above) to support my daughter who is currently developing a girls empowerment project in Swaziland (www.theseedafrica.com). We had many adventures and on occasion our lives literally depended on the water in our Klean Kanteens.

The favourite by far was the Klean Kanteen Reflect which we virtually fought over to use. It holds a useful 800ml (1.4pt), has a mirror finished stainless body, a very stylish bamboo inset on the cap (below) and a pivoted handle/hanging loop. It fits nicely in standard vehicle cupholders, back-pack pockets and water bottle holders.

The Reflect worked well as it held a useful amount of water in a compact container, was nice to drink out of and was easy to carry with you. I even managed to take it riding (below) by tying the loop to my horse’s saddle.

I can honestly say this is a truly lovely product that is equally at home out in the wilds, or in the trendiest urban environment.

The other one I liked is the Klean Kanteen Insulated which has a capacity of 595ml (1pt). This is a vacuum insulated model with a wide mouth which will work with most backpacking water filter systems if required. The bottle is slightly wider than the Reflect but still fits most bottle and cup holders and I have been using it to carry coffee in the car (below left). It keeps drinks hot for up to six hours or water cool all day. The loop handle on the lid makes it easy to carry or to secure to your bag. On the subject of which, we found Nite Ize S-Biner Clips very useful for securely attaching the Klean Kanteens (above). These are light, double-gated, stainless steel carabiners which come in packs of three. They are just so much better than the usual cheap and nasty aluminium offerings and have a multitude of uses from securing stuff on your backpack to clipping your keys to your belt.

Klean Kanteen ReflectKlean Kanteen Insulated and Nite Ize S-Biner Clips are available from our Green Shopping site at www.green-shopping.co.uk 

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