Jam & Sugar Thermometer

John Adams
Monday, 16th April 2012

John Adams tries his hand at making his first pot of jam, helped along by Burgon & Ball's jam and sugar thermometer

I recently discovered that my house had been called 'The Briars' for nearly 100 years – what a happy coincidence; I have planted an edible front hedge of blackberries and tayberries.


The wet spring/summer has led to a heavy crop of tayberries, so I used some of them to make jam, and try out the Burgon & Ball Jam and Sugar Thermometer. I have never made jam before but the thermometer came with a handy little Harvest Recipe Book which simply explained the process.

The basic recipe to make three jars of jam calls for equal weights of fruit and sugar – 630g (1lb) of each. Which turned out to be just over a litre (2pt) of tayberries. I gently heated these in a stainless steel pan until the juices ran, added the sugar and turned up the heat.

With the Jam and Sugar Thermometer clipped to the pan I stirred until the setting temperature was reached, turned off the heat and filled my jam jars. I was a bit nervous about whether it would set, but by the next morning I had perfectly delicious jam.

If you have never made jam before give it a try, it’s not as hard as you might think, only takes about 30 minutes, and the results are very rewarding.

This Jam and Sugar Thermometer is available from Green Shopping

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