Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective

Tony Rollinson
Friday, 10th July 2015

An unmissable film showcasing how permaculture holds many solutions to the problems of today. From farms and smallholdings, to landscapes, communities and cities.

If you are new to permaculture and want to watch a film that introduces you to the subject, or if you are well versed already but want to be inspired or show something to your friends, Inhabit is that film!

Inhabit is beautifully shot, sound tracked and paced, yet has a gritty core highlighting that things cannot go on the way they are – be it soil depletion, the use of pesticides, or our wasting of water.

In true permaculture style, the film takes the problem, humanity, and shows how we can not just reduce our foot-prints but actually make them beneficial. It promotes the concept that permaculture can help us meet human needs while increasing the health and well-being of our planet. It does this by visiting real permaculture people and practices, showcasing rural, suburban, urban and riverside landscapes. Inhabit literally has something for everyone.

The film highlights solutions on farms, smallholdings and backyards, showing how permaculture techniques provide biodiversity, water retention and healthy soil. There are visits to suburban projects where people work together to green their landscapes and develop their communities. As Lisa Fernades says during the film, “humans can help places sing with life...”

The inner city section presents both the range of the modern disconnect and the solutions available. There are in-genious water saving designs, pavement (or sidewalk) rainwater diverting solutions which have helped create gardens, bee habitats and roof gardens. There are one million buildings in New York City, a rooftop area of over 38,000 acres, which to Dwaine Lee is “a field of dreams on top of a building.”

Inhabit is about the importance of mimicking nature, healthy food, bio-diverse habitats, multiple yields and the understanding of how to have resilient landscapes, be it rivers and fields that are resilient to floods or cities which better use the rainwater we currently waste.

It is an unmissable permaculture film that shows what we can do about these things right now ... so why wait to see it? Watch it, share it and learn more about the restorative power of permaculture. 

Inhabit is simply the best film I have seen about permaculture. 

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