The Greenhouse of the Future

Rozie Apps
Thursday, 23rd April 2015

A guide to building your own underground greenhouse for all year growing.

I have been interested in underground greenhouses for the last couple of years.

Ever since I saw a photo of a walipini, I knew that one day I would have to have one.

Although I live in the southeast of England, where it is reasonably mild, to be able to grow food all year round in one of these would be ideal.

The Greenhouse of the Future: Abundance and Energy Autonomy helps you do just that. This DVD and eBook guide to building an underground greenhouse means anyone in any climate can have a constant supply of food!

Watch the hour long DVD and see how this amazing building is constructed from start to finish. Then read the eBook and learn in even more depth (the DVD is pretty extensive anyway).

Available in French and English, this film is packed full of very useful information.

Curt Close, film maker and producer and Francis Gendron, commentator and greenhouse designer walk us through each step of the greenhouse build, from sourcing material - they choose to make this build as sustainable as possible by using upcycled materials such as tyres, bricks and wood - to building the walls, levelling each layer, getting the insulation right and even fitting the doors.

This is very thorough. Even if you decide to use different materials, or build your greenhouse in a different way, this guide provides all the science involved so that you can fully understand each stage and what can and cannot be improvised.

Visit for more information and to buy the DVD.


The beginning of the walls being built


The roof panels being put on


The greenhouse finished and growing in winter (see lead image)

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