Bon-fire Fire Pit and Grill

Maddy Harland
Monday, 18th July 2016

Cooking for an outdoor party or just love to be outdoors in summer weather? Maddy and Tim Harland test the Bon-fire Fire Pit and Grill and appreciate the quality and flexibility.

We have had a full Bonfire Outdoor Kitchen set for some time and have enjoyed cooking outside with the stewpot. It is great for larger groups of people and for parties and provides a real focus to an event with the added benefit of a fire pit after the main feast.

We hadn't had a chance to test the BBQ grill until last weekend when Tim and I invited 10 guests to a BBQ. I cooked the vegetarian option on our conventional BBQ and Tim cooked the locally sourced, free range kebabs over the grill. He set up the fire pit and tripod, lit the charcoal and after an hour happily cooked for 11 omnivores.


The grill itself is suspended on chains so it is important to get the equipment level as you don't want your kebabs rolling off the sides! The fire pit and grill are both ample sizes for cooking for a large group and, with adjustable chains, it is easy to cook over it for the entire duration of the charcoal's life.

Tim set up his chair and got to work. The system worked well. His only comment is that it is a little hot so we suggest you use a small chair to avoid leaning over the grill in the warmer months. It is also ideal for mid winter outdoor cooking and for those powerdown times during power cuts!

After the meal was cooked and our guests were well fed, we moved the fire pit into the centre of the area and added a few well seasoned logs. These lit well and encouraged us to sit out until the small hours on a still and beautiful night.

The next morning we cleaned the grill and fire pit. Both came up as new. There was a slight mark on the grass where we had used the Bon-fire. You could put a paving slab down if you want to avoid a singed patch.

We love cooking outside and will be using out the stewpot next weekend. I also want to test the pan (it could cook a fabulous paella for a large party).

Tim and I do recommend this flexible and high quality product in all its variations. It is expensive but it is designed in Norway and is manufactured to the highest quality so if you look after it, it will last you a lifetime. It is well worth the investment and would make a fabulous gift that can be used 12 months of the year on camping trips, picnics and at home for outdoor cooking for up to at least 12 people.

Here are all the details:

Tripod: 140cm (55in)

Stew Pot: 6l (14pints) Enamelled

Fire pit (dia.): 68cm (27in) Enamelled

BBQ grid (dia.): 60cm (23.6in) Stainless steel

BBQ pan (dia.): 60cm (32.6in) Enamelled

Coffee Pot: 2.2l (3.9pints) Enamelled

A very flexible outdoor cooking set which can be used for anything from boiling a kettle for tea over an open fire on the beach to serving dinner for 12 on the patio at home. This full set consists of a folding jointed tripod, a 6 litre stew pot, a coffee pot, a BBQ grid, a BBQ pan, hanging chains, and a fire pit with legs. It packs down for easy transportation and storage.

This system can be used/purchased in a variety of combinations so you do not have to buy everything at once! Please see our online site for the Bon-Fire Outdoor Kitchen for all available options.