Backpacking Light Stoves

John Adams
Friday, 3rd August 2012

Back in 2008, Backpacking Light came up with a brilliant design for a personal camping stove, the Honey Stove. This innovative little stove consists of a series of laser cut stainless steel plates which can be assembled in a number of ways to make your preferred stove. They can be heated by: esbit/hexamine tablets, night light candles, meths burners, ethanol gel cells and even Trangia gas burners ... but they are at their best burning organic matter such as wood.

Hive and pocket stoves in actionBackpacking Light have now extended the range in three ways. They have updated the original Honey Stove by including a cooking grid which improves the range of pans that can be used with it and a new piece which allows you to make a very small, light square stove if you wish. They have also launched an expansion pack which adds two more panels and along with a new base and grid makes the much larger Hive Stove. This is ideal for two people or multi-pan use.Lastly, they have designed a wonderful mini wood burning stove which packs away into a tobacco-sized tin, the Pocket Stove.

Pocket stove, Hive stove and well used Honey stove.I set up all three products and tested out the two new additions (right). Fuelled by a handful of small pieces of wood they both worked amazingly well. The Pocket Stove had no trouble heating my can of beans and the Hive Stove boiled 600ml (1pt) of water in under three minutes. A few minutes later and they were all packed away again, ready for next time.All packed awayTruly excellent products!

The Honey Stove was first reviewed in PM66, mine is the very well used one in the picture above.