3 Foot One Man Crosscut Hand Saw

John Adams
Monday, 5th November 2012

A quality British cross cut saw, great for one or two people.

I first encountered this saw in Tim Emms' workshop and, as he had been using it for while, I asked him for a review.

"I've used the Thomas Finn saw for over two years, principally to cross-cut well seasoned sweet chestnut trees of up to 50cm diameter. And what a treat it is to use. The razor sharp teeth make for impressively speedy progress whether with my wife or either of my son-in-laws as the 'saw buddy'! Once you have the knack of pulling rather than pushing and synchronising your effort, there is a very satisfying 'swish' as the blade delivers its dose of saw-dust with each stroke and edges closer towards the end of the cut. So if you want to keep fit, save fuel, beat any local ban on power saw usage – and best of all have a great feeling of achievement – then go out and buy one of these incredible saws."

Enough said, I had to give it a go myself. I tried it on a dead and incredibly hard cherry tree. Using it single handed, I have to say I had no problem with it at all once I had got into using it with a slightly rocking stroke. The resulting cut was impressively clean (see above) and took only a few minutes longer to complete than using my chain saw. If you want a quality, British made, cross cut saw for one or two person use we can't recommend this highly enough. 

This beautiful saw is available for purchase from green-shopping.co.uk. You'll be passing this one on to your grandchildren!