Nether Wallop Apple & Berry Pickers

John Adams
Thursday, 8th September 2011

Apple and soft fruit picking tools designed to make harvesting quicker and easier.

Nether Wallop have just launched two products that should help to speed up your fruit picking this autumn.

The first, a Quick Picker, is a wire framed apple picker head with a catch bag attached. This can be mounted to a handle of your choice to suit the height of your trees.

The advantage this picking head has over others I have tried is the catch bag. This allows you to pick up to a kilo of apples or pears before need-ing to lower the picker to the ground, which greatly reduces the amount of time and effort involved.

The other product is a Berry Picker which comes in two sizes, a large one for cherries, gooseberries, sloes and damsons and a smaller one for currants, blueberries, elderberries, etc. These comb soft fruit from their stems and catch them in the body of the product. They work surprisingly well, stripping off the fruit and leaving behind the twigs and leaves. When full, you just invert the picker to empty into your storage container. The picker also pro-vided some welcome protection from the prickles while harvesting gooseberries.

If you have a lot of fruit to harvest, I am sure these innovative picking products will make the job both quicker and easier on the body. 

You can purchase these items from Green Shopping by clicking here