The Winemaker's DIY Fruit Blender & How to Make Raspberry Wine

Tony Wrench
Wednesday, 18th September 2013

Tony Wrench, low impact roundhouse builder, innovator and winemaker shows how he makes fruit wines and explains how he made his DIY fruit masher that is easy on the arms.

This week I have been gathering blackberries, raspberries, grapes and elderberries to make into wine. How? Check out Making Raspberry Wine by Tone Wrench here:

But I still need the perfect device to mash the fruit before fermenting. A potato masher is very splashy, cumbersome and hard on the hands. So here is the answer - the plunger from a broken cafetiere. I was horrid to it with pliers and metal cutters and such until it looks like this, is screwed up very tight and driven by a cordless drill. You could of course improvise on all these factors, but keep it tight. Works like a dream.

Tony is the awesome originator of contemporary low impact roundhouses who gained retrospective planning permission for his home in Pembrokeshire after many years of struggle. He has influenced low impact development planning policy in Wales and is the author of Building a Low Impact Roundhouse which has an updated 2013 edition available as an eBook.

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