Using recycling to home seedlings

Rozie Apps
Friday, 5th April 2013

Spring will soon be here so why not start your seeds off in recycled or homemade pots. Fun for the kids to make and a great way to reuse household waste.

Spring is slowly arriving and it is time to begin with the seed sowing. I have been waiting all winter to begin planting my tiny little seeds in some warm compost, ready to nurture them into the world.

Searching for the best information about sowing seeds I have found some brilliant idea's for seedling pots, all that come from recycled products in the home.

My favourite is the use of egg shells. When making your poached egg breakfast or lunch time omelette, why not carefully crack your egg to leave you with a useable, near whole shell. This can be filled with compost, giving the perfect small space for a little seed. It would be a good idea to prick a few holes in the base of the shell to allow excess water to drain and prevent the seed from being over watered.

Egg boxes are also great to use, especially as the paper can be used afterwards in the compost heap as it degrades fairly quickly.

Toilet paper card rolls can also be used but would either need to sit on a dish to stop the compost falling out or cut several lines up the side to create flaps that could be folded under to create a base.

There are lots of ways to experiment with seed pots, even making oragami style containers out of newspaper.

It is a great way to reuse waste products, home your little seeds and have fun making new pots.


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