Upcycle & Reuse Ceramic Tiles

Adam Hope
Tuesday, 3rd April 2018

Left over ceramic tiles from revamping your kitchen or bathroom? Or simply want some creative ideas to reuse tiles - well we have some ideas for you.

Have you been revamping your kitchen or bathroom and have left over tiles? Or have you accumulated them from a friend, a carboot sale or found them free on Freecycle?

Here are five creative ways to reuse them so they don't go to waste.


Using a leftover square ceramic tile as a coaster is an easy place to start, and can look great. Keeping a few leftover tiles in a kitchen drawer is a super-easy way to accessorise alongside a kitchen splashback - the tile coasters will match the kitchen tiles, creating a unified look very easily. They’re also durable and, in some cases, heatproof, so they’ll easily stand up to warm cups of coffee.

Tile-top cabinets and tables

Do you have a bland, wooden cabinet in your house, crying out for a bit of TLC? Is your coffee table’s main feature a plethora of rings left by old mugs? Do you have a sackful of leftover tiles from a home improvement project? Well, the answer to your tired furniture problem is right there. Invest in some grout and look up some YouTube tutorials, and get to work transforming your old furniture. The best thing about this craft idea? Absolutely any tile works with a table - and you can feel free to get creative and mix and match different styles, or go for an unorthodox tile pattern like herringbone.

Small-scale crafts for small-scale tiles

Smaller mosaic or hexagon tiles have numerous uses within small-scale crafts. Incorporate these tiles into some homemade jewellery (such as a necklace) for a real statement, or stick them to magnets to give your fridge noticeboard a truly bespoke look. Unleash your creativity and see where it takes you, because really, there’s no excuse for having beautiful tiles lying around the house without a purpose.

Mobile home overhaul

Buying and refitting an old van for a getaway is a trend that more and more people are getting on board with - a chance to escape the trappings of the modern world and live off-grid for a little while. A budget-conscious way of improving the kitchenette area of a camper van project is to use leftover kitchen wall tiles to create a small-scale splashback. Lightweight and simple, we’d suggest using metro tiles for this purpose. Also, let it be said that it doesn’t have to be a camper van - it can be anything you want to convert, whether that’s a houseboat, a yacht or virtually anything else.


Broaden your horizons in the home

Tiles don’t just belong in the kitchen or the bathroom, either. Any room in the house can benefit from a few strategically placed, decorative tiles. Do you have a dartboard in a games room, hanging on a wall peppered with holes from missed darts? Put up some tiles around the board to protect your wall from suffering the consequences. The same concept can also be applied to any other area of the home that you feel looks tired, uninspiring or generally in need of some aesthetic rejuvenation. The possibilities are practically endless - and the only limit, as they say, is your imagination.

We hope this post has left you brimming with tile ideas for your home and beyond, making sure you don’t waste leftover tiles - or even worse, throw them out without a thought. Remember, get creative and make sure your tile crafts are a true reflection of your identity.

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We hope this post has left you brimming with tile ideas for your home and beyond, making sure you don’t waste leftover tiles - or even worse, throw them out without a thought.


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