Slugskin Trousers: A Solution to Wear

Rob Hopkins
Tuesday, 1st April 2014

Rob Hopkins has come up with an ingenious solution to a surfeit of slugs in the permaculture garden: waterproof, tough and stylish trousers. They'll be de rigour at Transition meetings and every bushcrafter's ultimate garb.

Fed up of the slimy critters destroying your garden? Well, as we permies like to proclaim, the problem is the solution.

After many a torch lit evening collecting bucket after bucket of our slimy friends, I wondered what I could do with them. The solution is gloriously simple. Simply pop them in a moderate oven (180°C, 350°F or Gas Mark 4) for five minutes, not so long that they cook, but just long enough that they adopt the texture of a wine gum. Then simply slip a sharpened knife under the skin, and it peels off beautifully, like peeling a lychee. The resultant 'pelt' is waterproof, flexible and tough.

After a few weeks drying and peeling, I had a large enough collection to make my first pair of trousers, sewing them together with a tough twine. Now my 'slugskin strides' are the talk of permaculture and Transition gatherings around the land, and I have started work on a matching jacket.

Rob Hopkins is the co-founder of the Transition Movement. You can read his excellent blog at The Transition Network.

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