Making Prints from Flowers & Leaves

Steve Niner
Thursday, 5th June 2014

Making prints from flowers and leaves is a creative and fun activity for the kids, teaching them about different plants whilst making art.

Take a piece of white cotton fabric, a torn up old sheet is perfect and fold in half.

Mark the centre on the top and bottom of the fabric.

Place leaves and flowers on one side of the line.

Fold the other side back over, hold in place the bash with a stick till the sap starts to show on to the fabric.

Unfold and scrape off the plant matter, add more if the design needs it.

Finished, you have a beautiful picture.

Steve Niner is teaching children's activites this summer at The Sustainability Centre, Hampshire. 'Go Wild' will be an adventurous day out for children during their school break, learning how to make dens, set up camp in the woods, tracking and much more. For more information visit or email info[at]



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johnalberto |
Tue, 24/07/2018 - 06:48

The colorful hues of leaves and flowers are smooth to maintain by pounding them to release their herbal dyes on paper. I found out this amusing and simple approach from my college roommate, Sarah, however, it is been around plenty longer -- I pay attention that Cherokee ladies pounded flora to beautify fabric.