Make a DIY wormery for under £15

Jenny Lunnon
Sunday, 1st November 2009

Wormeries are brilliant for dealing with food waste, but shop-bought models can be expensive. As this tip shows, they needn't be...

The Community Action Group project has been experimenting and has produced a fully functioning DIY wormery model for under £15!

Using a few plastic boxes, a water butt tap, some old newspaper and a drill you can construct a fantastic wormery to make compost and fertilizer, and reduce your food waste all in one go.

All the materials used, including the all important worms, were recycled or bought from local shops, such as the Orinoco scrap store.

Full instructions can be found at: or send a self-addressed envelope to CAG, c/o Waste Management Group, Oxfordshire CC, Speedwell House, Speedwell St, Oxford OX1 NE, marked 'wormery instructions'.

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