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Friday, 5th July 2013

We visited the amazing Glastonbury Festival and found these brilliant solutions for re-using unwanted items around from the home.

There are so many ways to recycle. Charity shops and groups like Freecycle and Freegle are always looking for donations.

But there are some items that others may not want to buy or swap from second hand.

We loved the Growing In a Nutshell Garden at Glastonbury, who have recycled a huge range of clothes, shoes and various items that others may not want. 

So why not follow in their footsteps and brighten up your garden with these brilliant recycling ideas.

Why not plant your herbs or flowers in old bras. Maybe they have a hole in, or aren't quite up to their usual job any more. They bring colour and texture to the garden.

You could try re-using old wellies or shoes, colanders, empty food cans or even plastic pots. 


Use your imagination and see what you can do with all those objects you would usually throw out.

Thanks to The Growing In A Nutshell garden, Glastonbury 2013, created by the Rhandiroedd Maesgeirchen & Tan y Bryn Allotments Association,

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