Free Heritage Seed Saving Plan

Kerry Forides
Friday, 23rd September 2016

This free two part seed-saving plan will enable communities across the globe to save their local seeds and create sustainable and self-reliant futures.

Heritage seed loss is a global problem. I believe when we buy any packaged seed, hybridised to produce sterile offspring, we are directly contributing to the genocide of global heritage. 

By sharing Two Part ‘Copyright free’ plan below, which we are implementing in Corfu, we can stop further heritage seed losses and improve overall environmental health.

This plan can be applied anywhere, so please read it, use it, and share it.

Corfu has taken a stand towards stopping heritage seed losses and increasing environmental health.

The Two Part Plan

Part One

Imagine an island wide project, where in one weekend and from every village, we collect and catalogue a sample of all Corfu’s heritage seeds and endangered plants.

All seeds and plants are to be freely given to

- the local ECO growers - to multiply

- the local seed savers - to bank 

- the local seed givers - who distribute to the community as they have done in the past.

This is all done on a voluntary basis and is owned by the community.

Part Two 

Free online sustainable growing education for all to try. 

Here members of the community come together, those with garden skills and knowledge can showcase their work and videographers can report in real time the processes and progress.

The Support Structure - that ties it all together. An interactive, 'umbrella' webpage can be designed and created by the community, where the community can see the progress, learn from and contribute to and is a training platform for each task required. It is also where businesses and citizens can work separately yet together, towards Heritage seed support and environmental goal.

At the new 1500sq.m Corfu Music School Permaculture garden, part two of the plan is nearly complete.

Here, we will have:

NO Hybrids - bred to produce sterile seeds, forcing us to buy new seeds yearly.

NO GMOs - for reasons too numerous to mention here.

NO Monocultures - as these produce pest problems.

NO Modern farming techniques - as these waste fossil fuels, produce weed problems, degrade soil biology, poison the environment including us forcing farmers to buy seed and chemicals, just to keep these ‘money and time consuming’ systems growing.  

And now with 70 varieties of local seed ready to plant, the children, teachers and their families can enjoy pesticide free heritage food. By planting this new seed with the wider communities, seed from local distributors and all switching to using sustainable principles, we will contribute to the health of Corfu’s environment and can completely eliminate, agricultural pollution, poisoned water tables, algae blooms, oceanic dead zones, species loss, food related cancer and sickness, dying bees, global warming, seed corporations creating environmental problems for profit and future losses of our heirloom / heritage foods, guaranteeing heritage seeds are here for us all to enjoy, forever more.

To Quote Geoff Lawton, “We can solve all the worlds problems in a garden”.  

As I now live in Athens, part two of the plan is in the capable hands of the Corfu Music school headmaster with clear instructions to continue from here. To volunteer your assistance, call the school or e/mail me at [email protected]

Stay tuned at Kerry Cameraworks Facebook for my new Permaculture Australia adventures and be sure to grow at home using sustainable systems, insist on heritage, the stuff we evolved with and re-plant your seeds every year.

A special note for the very beautiful people I have met on this Corfu adventure. Thank you for your kindness, good wishes and willingness to try something new, I realise permaculture is a new concept here. It wasn’t an easy journey especially with the language barrier, your encouragement was indeed a comfort and it is a privilege to share these goals with you.

Kerry Forides Permaculture designer and heritage seed supporter, has kindly donated his expertise and shared heritage seed collected locally. 

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