DIY Compost Tumbler

Abram Mclaughlin, Scotland
Thursday, 5th April 2012

Want a fast composter that is easy to rotate but can't afford a manufactured version? Got a problem with mice or rats in the compost? Look no further! Here is Abram Mclaughlin's DIY compost tumbler entirely made from recycled materials.

I recently made this compost tumbler for my partner, Ju, who is a keen organic gardener. Ju does not like mice and our old composting system was not mouse proof. I would hear squeals every time she attempted to turn or empty it!

This is my solution for turning and emptying compost with ease and without mice!

You will need:

Recycled fence posts for the A frame;

some recycled large nails bent back into shape;

two oil barrels, one to hold compost in with a hole cut out - the second is used to make the larger door;

a large steel pole which the kids found in a field;

homemade hinges made from corrugated offcuts of roof lead or felt?


Here is the composter with finished compost.

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Thank you once again for some practical inspiration! x cf

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