Monty Don - Connecting with the Soil

Monty Don
Friday, 5th December 2014

"We grow out of the ground we live on - geology affects us all."

President of the Soil Association, writer, TV presenter, farmer and poet to the earth Monty Don kindly shared his time with us to explain what it means to connect to the soil.

Speaking at the Resurgence Festival of Wellbeing, Monty's talk, 'The Healing Soil', was a candid and moving expression on what it means to connect with the earth. Eschewing fuzzy sentiment, Monty's contention is that by appreciating a connection with the earth and its geology we can connect more with those around us.

(Re)connection with the earth and each other was the overriding theme of the festival. Hearing Monty's talk and speaking with him afterwards I was reminded of Scott Mann's interview with David Jacke - co-author of the inimitable Edible Forest Gardens - where Jacke comments on how 'disconnection' (with nature, community, people, place) was a recurring theme that drew students to his permaculture design courses.

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Monty Don is also the presenter of the excellent BBC Radio 4 Series 'Shared Planet'