Edible Landscaping: Using Permaculture Design

Permaculture Podcast
Monday, 13th July 2015

Michael Judd, author and founder of Bona Fide in Nicaragua and Ecologia in the USA, explains how his experience with a Mayan community led him to learn and implement permaculture design.

The Bona Fide project began by asking locals what they wanted. They wanted playgrounds and medicinal herb stores. Michael began with a few small projects such as improving food nutrition for children, and now the project is growing a wide range of fruits and vegetables, providing local communities with food and jobs.

Michael then took this knowledge back to the USA and applied the permaculture design principles to projects at home through Ecologia. He explains how by just starting a project in your garden, backyard or even community will be the step towards learning permaculture design.

Further resources

More from Michael: www.ecologiadesign.com

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