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Wednesday, 11th May 2016

With the increase in small-scale farming comes the need for suitable equipment.

For many starting out on small plots, the tractors, harvesters, machinery and other farm equipment that may be needed are expensive and often too big for the job in hand.

Traditionally, when farms were still small and family based, 'slow tools' were in abundance, but the rise of industrial agriculture has pushed aside the market for such items.

Now a group of farmers, engineers and manufacturers have begun to actively develop the necessary tools for small-scale farmers.

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Wednesday, 20th April 2016

Virtually everyone who uses the internet has used Google. It is the easiest way to search for what you want/need on the internet.

But what if you could search online with the added benefit of regenerating landscapes and creating food and income for communities?

Well you can. Ecosia, an alternative to Google, uses its search ad revenue to plant trees in Burkina Faso in Africa, bringing water, plants and animals back to drought-ridden areas. Every time you use them to search online, you help plant a tree in Burkina Faso.

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Thursday, 5th November 2015

Creating your own natural skin care products can be expensive. A lot of the DIY books give lists of ingredients that you either don't have or cost a lot to buy. So here are a few recipes that are easy to make and won't break the bank.


For a simple face wash
2 tbsp fine sugar + 1 tbsp olive oil
Stir together, apply to face, and wipe off with warm cloth. Avoid sensitive eye area.

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Wednesday, 7th October 2015

The world's first subterranean farm has opened in London, using hydroponics to grow micro-greens.

With agricultural land becoming ever more degraded,1 hydroponics is one solution that many people are looking towards. For those that don't know, hydroponics is a method of growing without soil, instead growing in water, with nutrient solutions. Although there are arguements for and against hydroponics,2 its use of minimal space and low energy makes it a potential solution for urban growing.

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Monday, 27th July 2015

The Tao of Vegetable Gardening explores the practical methods as well as the deeper essence of gardening.” The perfect explanation for Carol Deppe’s latest guide to vegetable growing.