The Permaculture Country Club

Rob Greenfield
Tuesday, 4th April 2017

You know permaculture has come of age when you start getting YouTubes like this.

Here is The Permaculture Country Club in Costa Rica, part of Saint Michael’s Sustainable Community, where you can buy or rent a house with green technologies like living roofs and walls. Every house has edible landscaping and an ocean view. The model is for an environmentally conscious country club where members can spend time relaxing in the salt water pool and play disc golf (instead making a conventional golf course - a crazy attempt to replicate a Scottish dunescape in the Tropics).

Most country clubs are based around golf courses, which use huge amounts of toxic fertilizers, pesticides, fossil fuels, water, and land. The Permaculture Country Club is out to be an example for a better way of life. Instead of a golf course, they have an 18-hole disc golf course, which is more affordable and accessible to everyone. It’s built into a food forest with hundreds of fruit trees, vegetables, and medicinal plants. So the land is used wisely as recreation, food production, and natural habitat. Instead of fossil fuel burning lawn mowers, they use rotational grazing. Waste is composted into healthy fertilizer, so no toxic fertilizers are needed. No artificial pesticides are needed either, since they work with nature to attract beneficial insects and keep away pests. Water is harvested naturally to grow as much food as possible. They even have a salt-water pool fed by springs and rain."

"You have to admire the entrpreneurial style of this project though I personally couldn't buy an 'off the shelf' permaculture house and garden," says Maddy Harland, editor of Permaculture magazine. "I'd want to design and plant my own!"

What do you think?!

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