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Tuesday, 14th April 2020

Sector39 is a permaculture enterprise. They bring permaculture education and One Planet Living principles to schools and communities across Wales, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

Sector39 is an educational enterprise. They focus on permaculture design education across Wales, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

Their projects include educating local Welsh communities in permaculture and the One School Planet principles, bringing permaculture to farmers and communities in Africa and founding the Permaculture Design Academy. Their fully trained and experienced team in Africa are now ready to take permaculture to the next level.

Sector39 are seeking funding to invest in key projects and people, to support new and evolving projects. The funding will act like a credit union, with repayments being in the form of a time bank. Supported projects and teachers will be expected to welcome visitors to their projects, keep records of their work and share their outcomes. These records will create a body of evidence for further funding later down the line, to take permaculture across the region and further afield, over the coming months and years.

Beneficiaries are mainly East African subsistence farmers, and the community members we are supporting to become effective teachers. We are developing training hubs in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. We work directly with people we know, have trained with us and are active in the Sector39 Permaculture Academy. We are able to reach hard to reach people in remote areas and support them with very practical information, advice and networking. We can be sure that donations reach the right people and are used in the correct way.

With your help, Sector39 can utilise Africa's amazing mobile money system to get funds directly to people who will use them for the immediate benefit of their communities.

Permaculture is a game changer, a life changer, literally. Small farmers receive no guidance or training, its the default activity if you dont have paid work, consequently basic training and induction into organic methods have a profound and lasting effect. Farmers generally copy each other and don't often innovate, there are many easily attainable opportunities being overlooked for the lack of basic information and support. We can help change this.

"I believe permaculture has a huge future in Africa, it is very close to traditional thinking and is easily absorbed and acted on. With strategic investment and support I believe we can create a tidal wave of interest, making permaculture the predominant approach for homestead farm, kitchen garden and educational hub design." Steve Jones, Sector39 founder.

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