Green Architecture 2020 Launches Online

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Tuesday, 8th September 2020

Green Architecture Day goes online! The 2020 conference brings experts and leading professionals together, to share the latest from the green building world.

Green Architecture Sessions 2020 - Press Release - for immediate release

Due to Covid-19, Green Architecture Day 2020 has become an online event - Green Architecture Sessions.

It will bringing together the industry’s leading professionals to talk about holistic circular design and the built environment.

Many people have transitioned to working from home, streets are being adapted for social distancing and attention has turned to the post-covid future we want to create. Now more than every before, our homes and living environments are under the spotlight.

Along with the pandemic, the climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges of this generation. Our built environment contributes to around 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint each year1 and is responsible for 60% (120 million tonnes) of the UK’s annual waste.2 Last year 90% of local authorities pledged to be Net-Zero Carbon by 2030 and as architects and construction sites open for business again, we have the potential to turn the tide to create a better and more green economy.

The Green Architecture Sessions online conference is set to inspire the built environment of the future with a focus on climate and action this year. Kicking off on the 20th September the two week event hosts a series of online lunchtime talks, tours, Q&A’s and a panel discussion where participants will be able to get their questions answered by the ar­­­­chitecture and construction industry’s leading professionals.

The impressive lineup will be focusing their talks on this year’s theme of ‘Action’ to address the climate and biodiversity crisis. Discussing solutions from regenerative living materials, circular construction systems to community-led bio-manufacturing and equitable business models, and from diverse and carbon neutral green roof adaptation, to how we can transform the property industry to operate within planetary boundaries while facilitating prosperity. 

Bryn Thomas, Director of Brighton Permaculture Trust says, “The recent crisis has made the inadequacies of our current built environment even more stark, the good news is, that we have solutions.”

Oliver Heath, innovative designer and TV presenter will be leading the opening the sessions and hosting the panel discussion, where the industry experts will be taking questions from the online audience.

Mischa Hewitt, Director of Low Carbon Trust says “Green Architecture Day [Sessions] is a must for those wanting to keep on top of the latest developments in the construction and architecture industry. It has been an invaluable resource in skill and innovation sharing over the past twelve years.”

This year’s speakers include the award winning3 Clara Benegal George, Maria Smith, Director of Sustainability and Physics at Buro Happold, Brighton Waste-House pioneer Duncan Baker-Brown, the President of European Green Roof Associations, Dusty Gedge, biomimetic designer Ehab Sayed of BIOHM in conversation with Sally Lowndes, development activist of Onion Collective and Bryn Thomas, director of Brighton Permaculture Trust.

The newly dubbed, Green Architecture Sessions 2020 presents cutting edge solutions currently being implemented across the UK. The annual event (previously Green Architecture Day) is organised by Brighton Permaculture Trust and Low Carbon Trust and is packed full of inspiring and innovative talks with experts who are on the leading edge of green architecture and construction practices and solutions. 

The annual event, usually called Green Architecture Day, has been run in partnership with the Low Carbon Trust since 2002 and attracts a wide range of industry professionals and interested individuals. 

To find out more about how you can access this year’s online event please visit the Brighton Permaculture Trust website.

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